About Us

More than 40 years ago, Edda started her sweet baking business out of the family kitchen, designing cakes with originality and style.  Since then, Edda’s Cake Designs has flourished into South Florida’s premier specialty Cake Company, and a household name.


Edda’s passion for baking cakes began when she was a young girl and would watch her aunt in the kitchen. It was not so much a hobby, as it was an artistic outlet that would stay with her well into adulthood.

After taking a cake decorating course in 1976, Edda was asked if she would be interested in teaching and accepted the offer. Soon after, she was working from home decorating cakes for family friends and a business was born.

Not only did her unique artistic designs draw in customers, but her delectable Vanilla Rum flavored cake emerged with a cult like following.  Now, thirty years later, Edda’s Cake Designs has flourished into an institution in South Florida, boasting three locations  throughout the community. 

The Vanilla Rum bundt cake was introduced in late 2006, as a holiday gift item. It was an instant sensation. The following year Edda added two of her South Florida favorites to the bundt cake family the Guava cake, topped with mouthwatering cream cheese icing, and the decadent Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.

Edda and her cakes have been featured in prominent magazines and newspapers, such as Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style, Weddng Style,

In 2007, Edda was named and given an award as one of the “Successful Hispanic Woman of the Year” by the Latin Chamber of Comerce of the United States.

More importantly, Edda’s Cake Designs is recommended by numerous party planners, and is the preferred cake designer in over 150 of the top hotels, catering companies and reception locations in South Florida.